Season four is on the way! But in the meantime, we pulled in some musical enthusiast friends for a special episode of trivia and games all about the world of music theatre. Adam, Sean, and Gabi will face an unusual My Champion challenge, wrestle with some rewritten “I Want” songs, and really rack up the points in an old fashioned audio round of “Name That Musical.” Some high scoring lightning rounds make this one a real barn burner!

Quizzes Played

Improv: The Musical

Which champion would be the best subject of a song in a musical. Prove by example.

I Want It Their Way

Identify the "I Want" songs re-written for other characters from the same musical.

The Threeclippy Opera

In sets of three, guess which musicals the audio snippets are from.

Stage to Screen

Questions about movies based on stage musicals.

Screen to Stage

Stage musicals based on movies that were not musicals.

Not The Maria Awards

Questions about the Tony Awards.

The Riddle

This fictional musical's hardly a folly.

It features the voices of Kline and Mullally.

A brilliant inventor and pachyderm queen

Give electric performances, written by Gene.


In S03.E16 of Bob's Burgers, Gene Belcher writes a short musical about Thomas Edison and Topsy the Elephant (the creature he electrocuted and killed to prove the danger of alternating current, thus defiling the work of competitor Nikola Tesla). In it, Mr. Fischoeder and Gayle (voiced by Kevin Kilne and Megan Mullally) do the singing for the two main characters from off stage for the big song "Electric Love."

Match Results

Episode Notes

Despite what he said during round one, Dan did indeed make the rules. Just not the one about the round one jinx.
The 2004 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels music Sean was thinking of had music and lyrics by David Yazbek and a book by Jeffrey Lane.
The Puppies Dressed As Unicorns Scorebreak. Puppies dressed as unicorns: so much cuteness, your ovaries might just explode.
The Symone Score Break. Symone: Winner of RuPaulโ€™s Drag Race season 13, Ebony Enchantress, and CEO of putting a "Wall factโ€™ry where a wall factโ€™ry ought to be!"