It’s Oscars-week, listeners! So we’re taking a break before the season six playoffs for an Academy Awards trivia special with three very special guests. Joe Reid and Chris Feil (This Had Oscar Buzz) and Katey Rich (Vanity Fair / Little Gold Men) will have their awards season historical acumen tested with a tougher-than-usual Oscar speech game, and puzzles about long term Oscar narratives. Some crazy title-deciphering makes for an excellent lightning round where our true champion takes home that Oscar gold.

Quizzes Played

Always the Bridesmaid

Which champion is going to run the FYC campaign that will finally win Glenn Close an Oscar?

Great Acceptations

Name the Oscar-winning talent from an Oscars acceptance speech snippet.

Winners & Choosers

Given three movies the common talent, identity which of the movies won them an Oscar, which just got them a nom and which did not even get nominated.

Real Ones Will Know

Questions about Oscar-winning portrayals of real people.

Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah.

Questions about Oscar hosts and hosting.

Goodbye, Mulder

Questions about the Oscar history of (Fox) Searchlight Pictures.

The Riddle

Before the Oscars come along, these prizes are a gauge

Of what voters might be thinking when they reach a certain age.

The nominees can be off-brand, it's really quite sensational!

And who else celebrates a film that's intergenerational?


The AARP Movies-For-Grownups Awards are voted on by members of the AARP, and focus on movies for audiences over the age of 50. They can sometimes be considered an interesting precursor in predicting the Oscars. They are most interesting when they nominate performers who aren't otherwise in awards conversations, and for their non-traditional categories such as "Best Intergenerational Film."

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Nepotism scorebreak. Nepotism: Hi mom! [You know I like the meta. 8/10]
The Sacheen Littlefeather scorebreak. Satcheen Littlefeather: This is a very long scorebreak, which I cannot share with you presently because of time but I will be glad to share with the press afterwards, that I very regretfully cannot accept. [Keep the 70s in the 70s. 4/10]