The last of our three inter-season specials is a special crossover with our friends at the Listen to Sassy podcast. In addition to guest Scoremaster Tara Ariano and guest Production Master Pamela Ribon, Megan, Maggie, and Jill will duke it out to show off their knowledge of the pop culture of the Sassy Era (and also a surprising amount of Sex and the City content, I guess?) We’ll quiz about Sassy headlines, ABC After School Specials, cute boys from the cover, and so much more! Minimal Star Logs will experience jammage.

Quizzes Played

Stuff They Wrote

Who is most likely to be featured in the Sassy poems, thoughts and facts feature "Stuff You Wrote"?

Spot The Sassy

Identify the Sassy headline when presented with thematically similar titles from a Lifetime original movie and ABC After School Special.

The Sassiest Boys in America

Which Sassy cover-worthy pop culture personality is being described?

Listen Up

Questions about the music of the Sassy era.

You're Grounded

Questions about the TV of the Sassy era.

Stuff Hughes Wrote

Questions about the movies and career of John Hughes.

The Riddle

From lawmen we ran,

Helping out when we can.

Who needs good luck,

When you’ve got Starbuck?

There’s always a plan

But don’t touch the van

Or the big guy will say that you suck.


The A-Team is comprised of soldiers wrongly accused of murder, on the run from the authorities, who sell their services to help out people in need. It includes "Faceman" Peck, played by Dirk Benedict, who was previously Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, as slyly alluded to in the opening credits. They resolve problems with violent, but generally non-lethal plans. BA Baracus, the team's muscle, is very protective of the van: warning people off from getting too close by calling them "Suckers."

Match Results