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The First Annual Fantasy Poseidon Adventure Team Draft

In this, the last playoff round of season ten, we challenge Eleanor, Steve, and Paul to create new pope culture properties via adding an E to ones that already exist. It’s very silly, and Dan Cassino is unsurprisingly very proud of how silly it is. Then in round two, it’s boats! I mean, who cares? And then, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau show up for an Enlightening Round! What a world! Can you tell Taylor has been rewatching Lost recently?

Bathroom Reading

HEYYYYYY, the Diceman Cometh to The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show this week, and the Diceman bringeth all kinds of trivia for Eric, Cate, and Bonnie. First we’ll shoehorn Andrew Dice Clay into other pop culture properties, before a VERY uppity round two about movies that started life as pieces in The New Yorker. Some wild swings in content this week, lemme tell ya. And of course, our customary lightning round. Hickory Dickory Dock!

Subjected to Predication

The playoffs have arrived! Previous winners Tripp, Levi, and Conor grab their subjects and verbs and get grammatical as they are challenged to name actors and musicians whose names are complete sentences. THEN, they’ll take a tripp through time as they trace the development of movies adapted from musicals adapted from movies (that may also be adapted from novels or real life or based on prizes Cracker Jack boxes). And it wouldn’t be an episode of TGAPCQS without a lightning round! So guess what: there’s a lightning round!

Where You Going?

Look here, film snobs. Perhaps you’ve already looked ahead to round two and seen that the topic is pop culture depictions of the afterlife. I’m gonna disappoint you right now and tell you that we do not get to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s 1999 masterpiece After Life. That’s just a thing you’ll have to contend with as you trudge through the lowbrow muck we’ve provided you. But it makes for a great game nonetheless! Adam, Chloe, and Paul have a great time talking piracy, jamming out to songs sung by characters in cars, and (you guessed it) exploring pop culture depictions of what happens after we die. Despite all that, this episode is not morbid at all, and hews to the light tone you’ve come to expect of this show by this point.

Dude, Where’s My Tár?

Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you met Lydia?

Lydia, the round one topic!

Though she’s done with her recitals,

Her name fits in other titles.

Lydia, oh Lydia, the subject of trivia;

Less so once we hit round two.

Benito and Bonnie and Sean will see

Just how gosh darn silly this game show can be

With Lightning Round topics you’ll find in round three!

Cov’ring many types of media!

Who’s Afraid?

But anything can still happen here in…THE LIGHTING ROUND! This week on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show, John, Conor, and Jeff test their knowledge of properties that start in media res, showing a dramatic moment near the end of the story, before flashing back to the beginning. It’s a tried and true device that works great for hooking people in so they know there’s something exciting coming down the pike. Later, they’ll see how well they remember season-long villains from various TV shows, and then play the lightning round. But you already knew that last part.

Dracula La Land

Bleh! It’s me, Dracula! You know, from Dracula 2000? I’m here to tell you about this week’s episode, featuring Anna, Steve, and Derek competing in a game that features so much of me! But none of my actual movies. Which is fine because I’d rather be popping up in The Land Before Time than have to sit through Renfield. Then, I send our players on a cross-national road trip, driving only at night of course. Like Tilda Swinton requesting only night flights in Only Lovers Left Alive. Speaking of which, how has Taylor not asked a million questions over the years about Only Lovers Left Alive. Feels like a Babylonesque “Taylor won’t shut up about this one movie” type of pick. And Tom Hiddelston is just as sexy as William Conrad in it! Anyways, the lightning round is a blood bath, which means I absolutely loved it.

Everything Very Old is New Again

Hey Taylor, just putting this placeholder here so you don’t forget to write the copy for the episode if you don’t do it, I’ll just run it through ChatGPT.

In a typical episode of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show, contestants embark on a lively and entertaining journey through the vast landscape of American popular culture. Hosted by a charismatic quizmaster, the show features rounds that challenge participants with a diverse range of questions covering music, movies, television, literature, and more. Contestants showcase their knowledge and quick thinking as they compete in various rounds, such as lightning-fast buzzer rounds and thematic challenges. The atmosphere is filled with laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition as the contestants strive to prove their expertise in all things pop culture. With each episode, The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show not only tests the contestants’ knowledge but also celebrates the vibrant and ever-evolving world of American pop culture, making it a must-watch for trivia enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados alike.

In an unexpected twist, the latest episode of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show concludes with the surprising news that the beloved host, Taylor, has been fired. The revelation adds a dramatic element to the show’s usual lighthearted tone, leaving viewers curious about the reasons behind the decision and speculating on who might step into Taylor’s shoes for future episodes. As the contestants bid farewell to their charismatic quizmaster, the show’s future becomes uncertain, adding an intriguing layer of suspense to this episode of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show.

The Blue Dog of Happiness

Dan, Taylor, and Dave dance around to a jaunty acoustic guitar, percussion, and melodica tune. The music stops, and so do they. They all shout “DAN!” They dance again before pausing to shout “DAVE!” Once more before shouting “TAYLOR!” If that gets you in the mood for Bluey-inspired pop culture trivia, you’re in luck! Monty, Levi, and Diedra find some very cute Bluey mash-ups in round one, but also some kind of weird ones let’s not talk about it. Instead, we’ll get very meta in round two when we see if our players can identify times on TV where an actor slyly referenced their previous onscreen work. Honestly, we wish Dan would do this more on our show by coyly dropping in direct quotes from his political TV appearances into the score updates. Will he do it? Obviously no. Taylor tried to have round three this week be a game of keepy-uppy, but his request was denied in lieu of a regular old lightning round. Sigh.

Diacopes & Epizeuxis

It’s 100 years in the future. Human civilization has fallen. The only survivors are you, and the following three co-stars: Eleanor, Tim, and Jesse. Will they be enough to help you survive the post-apocalyptic trivia wasteland? Find out as we quiz our survivors on apocalyptic casts as well as titles that contain the same same word word multiple times. All this, a lightning round, and probably something else!

Extraordinary Extras

Taylor didn’t forget to do the copy this week but he did put elements in the text that would have broken your browser, podcast app and possibly the whole internet as we know it. So here is the quickest, shortest version of it we could manage: fast quotes, LXGs.

International Relations

A new season commences! Three returning players in Tripp, Tarn, and Neil kick things off in style as they flex their knowledge of American remakes of foreign films, as well as theoretical musicals adapted properties who already have musicalistic exclamation points in their titles. All this before a plethora of categories to close out the competition with the lightning round.

Burn, Baby, Birnbaum

We may not have just won the Super Bowl, but we’re going to Disney World nonetheless! Grab your ears and your magic bands, and get ready for a special episode all about the rides, shows, and ephemera of Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. With us, we’ve got three bona fide Disney Parks experts in Julie (Double Your WDW), Katie (Ropedrop & Parkhop Podcast), and Dane (Chasing Chalamet Podcast). We’ll quiz them on the music from various rides, cryptic excerpts from a notorious Disney travel guide, and so much more! Is this our most specific special yet? Probably!

That’s Who’s Who

This week, we were pleased to welcome three very special guests from The Doctor Who podcast Verity. Grab your sonic screwdriver and join Hosts Erika Ensign, Lizbeth Myles, and Katrina Griffiths for pop culture trivia immediately adjacent to (or sometimes right within) their Whovian area of expertise. We’ll look at other pop culture portrayals of real historical figures portrayed on Doctor Who, as well as other roles of various Doctors from throughout the run of the show. Plus, a VERITable cornucopia of lightning round topics to determine our ultimate winner.

Damn Fine Coffee

I’m always forgetting to write the episode descriptions until it’s time to publish, so I’m gonna try an experiment where I write it a few hours in advance of even recording this episode.

Woah! What a crazy twist this season finale takes at the end. I never saw THAT ONE SPECIFIC THING coming, and I bet you won’t either as Larra, Kari, and Ben compete for the crown! An asthmatic game of my champion filled with some of the greatest arguments we’ve ever heard left our players huffing and puffing all the way into the red room for round one. A game of “name that Twin Peaks reference” where our players actually learned to speak their answers backwards [fact check this later] flows right into a round two game where we all tore our ears off listening to the tired cliché of somber covers and remixes that seem to adorn every movie trailer nowadays. And I can almost certainly promise you: there will be both right and wrong answers present in this round. That’s the Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show likely guarantee!

And then, of course, it all comes down to a lightning so full of crazy surprises, I can’t even begin to describe them here!

Rave Reviews

After a couple of years of doing rounds about recent movies when ‘recent movies’ weren’t really a thing, we finally have a recent movies round where our players were more than up to the challenge! Kari, J-Mo, and JK (a veritable Venn diagram of middle-of-the-alphabet letters) tackle a classic before-and-after challenge of recent movies before being asked to recall critically panned comedies. ‘Cause we’re nice. And as per uzhe, it all comes down to the Lightning Round. This episode description brought to you by Taylor, while he was watching the opening car scene of The Client (1994). Take from that what you will.

It’s A Mash-Up Special, Charlie Brown

Good grief! The season playoffs rage on as returning victors Ben, Cate and Joel tackle one of our silliest (aka dumbest) challenges yet–concocting titles of new Peanuts specials inspired by other pop culture properties. Then in round two, it’s a whole new batch of questions about various pop culture-inspired Monopoly boards. Just when we thought the concepts for that game couldn’t get any wilder, we found some truly ridiculous iterations. All this, plus the lightning round decide which player will compete in the championship match. The stakes have been higher. They’ve been lower too. We’re just being honest here.

Hate The Player

When Productionmaster Dave announced were gonna have a round of layoffs this season, I was a little hurt. As I gathered my composure to brace myself for the worst possible implications of such an announcement, I realized that he had actually said we were going to have a round of PLAYOFFS this season, and I felt like a fool for ever thinking otherwise. Thus, we were pleased to welcome back the uneliminated Larra, Ben and Elenore for a game about Beatles music in movies, and then made up our own rules for a round about fictional games and sports. All this and more (a normal, but nonetheless exciting, lightning round).

Ready Player One

Will Cory and Courtney make JK lol? We’ll find out as we piece together mashed up acronyms from pop culture. Mashcronyms, I believe they’re called. Yup, that’s a real term that is in the dictionary. The OED probably, they’re fancy! Jury’s still out on Webster, but we KNOW those goons at American Heritage are too big of cowards to put a word like ‘mashcronym’ in their venerated publication. It’s so like them to just ignore the future of language like that, and they should frankly be appalled not only at their behavior, but at the fact that their reputation has made said behavior so predictable. Anyhoo, we got this acronym game! We got a game about video games. A video game game, if you will. Haha, we said game twice in a row. Hey, that gets us thinking, would the dead birds in ‘Duck Hunt’ be called ‘video game game?’ Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Barry Bad Songs

Say word! D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dilbert! Doink de doink! Sorry, dad! Dinky nuts! Squirrel jam! Hats! Balancing my checkbook! Zerbert in the sherbert! Twerk! One-hundred gift baskets! You’re now rocking with the Tesla boys! Baby Banjamin Franklin! Watch me veg! D.J. Tanner! Swanky pups! M-m-m-m-moped music! Costco samples like a m**********r! Uh! Crank up the mids! Patrick Stewart money! All these catchphrases are better, musically, than the comically awful musical dreck we forced Joel, Dan, and Steve to wade through in round one, inspired by non other than Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry. But our players pull themselves out of the Rock Bottom Remainder of round one into a second round all about pop culture-inspired theme park attractions (aka ‘who’s been to Carowinds in Charlotte?’). All this and more*!