Patreon Bonus: Game Shelf Decathlon

A Redneck Who Throws Bears (That Turn Into Hummus)

A great turnout for our first Game Shelf Decathlon! Four teams of listeners battled it out across ten rounds of trivia and party games from the shelves of our Production Master David T. Cole.

The preview clip (sorry the audio quality is what Zoom sent after the show, it’s not great) is the first question set of Stage II, an 80s Trivial Pursuit wannabe that upped the ante by having all the answers have something in common.

For the inaugural competition, we played rapid fire rounds of:

  • Utter Nonsense
  • Hoopla
  • Likewise
  • Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition
  • Password
  • Superfight
  • Stage II
  • One Second TV Themes
  • Last Word
  • Celebrity Taboo

A big thanks to all our competitors and congrats to Team Knitwits for their victory!

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