Contestant Application

Do you want to be a contestant on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show? Please review the prerequisites below and fill out the contestant application at the bottom of the page.


Desktop or laptop computer running Windows or macOS.


No cell phones, tablets or Chromebooks.

Audio Hardware

Wired USB headset.
See recommended headsets

Wired USB mic with wired headphones combination.


No wireless devices. No buds-style devices.


Zoom to talk. Make sure it is up-to-date.

Quicktime Player (macOS) or Voice Recorder (Win) to record your audio.


Good and fast internet connection.


Don’t use bandwidth sucks during record.


Don’t use mobile network connection.


Record in a quiet room without echo.


Turn off fans and get mic away from computer fans.


No typing or clicking during record.


No eating! No ice in your drinks.


Your noisy kids.


Don’t be the source of noise! Squeaky chairs, tapping on desk, pen clicking, etc.

Ok! Ready?