Do you want to be a contestant on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show? Please review the prerequisites below and fill out the contestant application at the bottom of the page.



πŸ‘ Desktop or laptop computer with webcam running Windows or macOS

❌ No cell phones, tablets or Chromebooks



πŸ‘ Wired USB microphone (or headset). Need an inexpensive mic? See recommended headsets

πŸ‘ You’re a podcaster and you’ve got a sweet XLR and audio interface already set up and you laugh in the face of USB mics

❌ No wireless mics, no bluetooth headsets, no AirPods or similar devices



πŸ‘ Wired USB headset

πŸ‘ Wired, over-the-ear headphones

❌ No in-ear buds (the audio is too ‘leaky’)

❌ No wireless headphones



πŸ‘ Zoom. Make sure it is up-to-date.

πŸ‘ Mac: Quicktime Player (it’s pre-installed)

πŸ‘ Windows: Audacity

πŸ‘ You’re a podcaster and you’ve got a proven setup already that can record your isolated track



πŸ‘ Good and fast internet connection

❌ Don’t use bandwidth sucks like Netflix during record

❌ Don’t use mobile network connection


Recording Environment

πŸ‘ Record in a quiet room without echo

πŸ‘ Rooms full of couches and drapes are great and a walk-in closet is heaven (fabric = echo killer)

❌ Turn off close ceiling fans and get mic away from computer fans

❌ No typing or clicking during record

❌ No eating! No ice in your drinks

❌ Banish your noisy kids and pets

❌ Don’t be the source of noise! Squeaky chairs, tapping on desk, pen clicking, etc.