S01.E12: Oceanic Airlines Division Finals

Bad Romance

Anvil falling on cupid for episode "Bad Romance"

Trivia! Playoffs! Musicals! Exclamation Points! The last round of the playoffs is here! Prior champions Joe, Monty, and Kevin duke it out, pop culture trivia-style, for the last slot in the season one championship match.

After a round of trivia about pop culture romances that don’t exactly hold up to scrutiny, players will test their knowledge of stage musicals based on other pop culture properties (you know, the kind where you just add an exclamation point to the title, and suddenly it’s a musical).

On top off of all that, we’ve got an all-timer of a Lightning Round and a savage at-home riddle at the end!


Match Info

S01.E12 -
Oceanic Airlines Division Finals

Buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Quizzes Played

It's Time To Get Things Started

Which champion would best co-host an educational TV segment with Sesame Street's Elmo?

Bad Romance

On-screen couplings are great, but sometimes, you don't want to go too deeply into how the romantic sausage is made.


Identify the pop culture property adapted into a musical by up to three song titles.

Caps Lock

Questions about hats in pop culture.

The Boy From Oz

Questions about actor Hugh Michael Jackman.

Do The Locomotion

Questions about trains in pop culture.

You'll know I am near when you break from sedation
And recognize me for unusual gestation
To kill me, the whole place, it must be exploded
Cause a gun or a knife will just leave things corroded

Xenomorph (The alien from Alien): The crew of The Nostromo is in cryosleep when they are awoken to investigate the Xenomorph presence on LV-426. "Unusual" doesn't even begin to describe the violent gestational practices of the creatures — John Hurt knows that better than anyone. Ripley sets a self-destruct sequence on The Nostromo in one attempt to kill the creature. This is, in part, a reaction to a Xenomorph's acid blood that dangerously emerges when shooting or slashing it.

Episode Notes

It's Taming of the Shrew that doesn't hold up. I mean, when your title is calling a woman a "shrew," it's not a good sign.
We're talking a lot about The Honeymooners. Even though it ran for just one (39 episode) season, it was hugely important as an early example of a sitcom based in a lower middle class household, dealing with social issues. It would probably be more fondly remembered if it didn't have all those threats of spousal abuse.
When we say "10-4, good buddy," the good buddy we are referring to is you!