Welcome back! It’s the third match of season three! We’ve got Eric, Guy, and Joel to face some games that deal with extra letters and alternate perspectives! Round one asks how movies would change if you added a letter to the front of one of the words, and things get a little kooky. Then, round two keeps those titles the same but asks our players to name the movie based on a plot summary from the point of view of a supporting character. Still, our players parse it all out and soldier on to the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

National Ploofreading Day

Today is National Ploofreading Day. Who would make the best ploofreader?

No Country For Cold Men

Identify the movie from the synopsis of its alternated plot once a letter is added to the title.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Present and Accounted For

Guess the movie from a description from a secondary character's point of view.

No Kids in the Pool

Questions about Adult Swim.

You're The Worst

Questions about The Razzies.

Hail to the Chiefs

Pop culture questions with a U.S. president's surname in the answer.

The Riddle

As lovers of trivia, he's one we should know.

A marathon run on a popular show.

He'd read you the answer, and you'd win the cash.

We loved him both with and without the moustache.


Alex Trebek was the longtime host of the popular trivia game show Jeopardy! On it, the prompts are given as answers, and responses are given in the form of a question. For awhile, he had a truly bitchin' moustache.

Match Results

Episode Notes

If you're confused about Peter Graves and the University of Minnesota, it's the focus of Crow T. Robot's unproduced script Just Plain Peter: The U of M Years about the early life of the famed actor.
The Peter Graves scorebreak. Peter Graves did a lot of great work, but, most the important thing to know about him is that he attended the University of Minnesota.
We make no apologies for referencing a "family man" in Chinatown.
The Jared Leto in The Little Things scorebreak. Like his Golden Globe nomination, this scorebreak was bought and paid for by Jared Leto's publicist.
If you're wondering if Neil Diamond did blackface in the "Jazz Singer" remake... yeah. He did.