This week, we kick off a new division with Susan, Laura, and Stephen! A surprisingly intimidating karaoke party in “My Champion” leads to an awful lot of fanfare for round one where players guess movie production companies from just the sound of their logos. Then, we’ll keep the sequence going with “The Clothes Lineups” where contestants add one more name to those BLANK & BLANK & BLANK etc. shirts. And of course, it all gets decided in the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

The Empty Orchestra

Who's going to be the best companion when you're out at karaoke night?

Hail to the Sting

Name the studio from its audio logo.

The Clothes Lineup

Given four first names in the style of the 'ampersand shirts' name the pop culture category and complete the pattern with a fifth name.

Arterial Motives

Questions about pop culture vampires.

There is Nothing Like A Dame

Questions about pop culture figures who have been awarded the British honorific of 'Dame.'

The Funny Papers

Questions about newspaper comic strips.

The Riddle

Solid black clothing, no hair on my head

Abusive, vindictive, you'll wish you were dead

The thing you should know, before we proceed

Is you better be ready to play at my speed


In the 2014 movie Whiplash, the character of jazz band director Terence Fletcher is always seen in all black with a completely shaved head. His treatment of his students, in particular drummer Andrew Neyman, is incredibly abusive, in the guise of pushing them towards greatness. He is well known for a scene in which he tells Andrew he is playing at "not my tempo," before abusing him further.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The one warm, red gatorade rolling around in the trunk of your car scorebreak. One warm red gatorade rolling around in the trunk of your car: don't pretend like you don't have one.
The Siegfried and Roy scorebreak. Siegfried and Roy: Only one of them reforges Nothung and marries his aunt, and it sure ain't Roy.