A couple of old favorites resurface in new forms on this week’s episode. Jeff, Dave (not that Dave) and Shannon have a few pop culture trivia challenges ahead of them this week, starting with the return of the Vennding Machine. Can they name the song name from the names of two artists who both have songs by that title? The answers may drive you insane. Then, we’ll bust out our atlas of fictional locales and ask our players to ID some locations in it from some descriptive details. Then it all comes together for the lightning round. Don’t miss it!

Quizzes Played

The Band You're In Starts Playing Different Tunes

Who is going to best command the next manned mission to the moon?

Vennding Machine: Two Songs, Same Name

What's the common title to two different songs?

The Town & The City

Name the fictional pop culture town from up to three clues about it.

Tell Me Something, Girl

Questions about actor Bradley Charles Cooper.

Chuck D

Questions about onscreen adaptations of, and references to, the works of Charles Dickens.

The Dark Universe

Questions about Universal monster movies.

The Riddle

Deep isolation and seaside romance

They'll take their sweet time before any advance

Though society keeps each apart from their mate

You'll find their true feelings on page twenty-eight


The 2019 movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a slow-burn romance between two women (Marianne and Heloise) on an isolated island setting. That isolation ends up being the thing that allows that romance to develop. At the end of the movie, after their time together has come to an end, a reference to a sketch on page 28 of Heloise's book becomes a symbol to their lingering feelings for one another.

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Episode Notes

The Fantastic Four was originally set in the fictional "Central City," but they moved to New York very quickly.
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