New players Dylan, Andy, and Kiiva join us for another round of pop culture trivia this week as we make our way through season five. We’ll kick things off in round one with a game about pop culture properties and pop culture people who share an exact name, before heading to one of our most commercially crass games ever. It’s a trip to the mall to identify the pop culture origins of animals you can get at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. And there’s still some surprises in store as we make it to the lightning round!

Quizzes Played

The Becket List

Who is going to do the best job of ridding King Henry II of a troublesome priest?

Trivia Trivia Bo Bivia Banana Fanna Fo Fivia

Identify the common title between two different pop culture entities.

Get Stuffed

Identify the pop culture character from its stuffed toy description.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Questions about music artist Rihanna.

I Love Lamp

Questions about Pixar Animation Studios.

A Taste of Honey

Questions about bees in pop culture.

The Riddle

While waiting for,

With Knives he should not play.

He just won't grow up,

But he'll take on a dust-up.

The story worked better in black, white and gray.


In the comic and movie Scott Pilgrim, Scott expresses impatience waiting for his delivery from, so he can see his dream girl again. He's dating Knives, which is a bad idea because she's too young, and is in a perpetual state of arrested development until he takes on seven evil exes in a series of fights, or "dust ups." Still, the movie wasn't as successful a story as the longer black and white comic version (which finished well after the movie came out).

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