Dan, Taylor, and Dave dance around to a jaunty acoustic guitar, percussion, and melodica tune. The music stops, and so do they. They all shout “DAN!” They dance again before pausing to shout “DAVE!” Once more before shouting “TAYLOR!” If that gets you in the mood for Bluey-inspired pop culture trivia, you’re in luck! Monty, Levi, and Diedra find some very cute Bluey mash-ups in round one, but also some kind of weird ones let’s not talk about it. Instead, we’ll get very meta in round two when we see if our players can identify times on TV where an actor slyly referenced their previous onscreen work. Honestly, we wish Dan would do this more on our show by coyly dropping in direct quotes from his political TV appearances into the score updates. Will he do it? Obviously no. Taylor tried to have round three this week be a game of keepy-uppy, but his request was denied in lieu of a regular old lightning round. Sigh.

Match Info

S10.E04: Allegro Division 2nd Eliminations
December 11, 2023