Bleh! It’s me, Dracula! You know, from Dracula 2000? I’m here to tell you about this week’s episode, featuring Anna, Steve, and Derek competing in a game that features so much of me! But none of my actual movies. Which is fine because I’d rather be popping up in The Land Before Time than have to sit through Renfield. Then, I send our players on a cross-national road trip, driving only at night of course. Like Tilda Swinton requesting only night flights in Only Lovers Left Alive. Speaking of which, how has Taylor not asked a million questions over the years about Only Lovers Left Alive. Feels like a Babylonesque “Taylor won’t shut up about this one movie” type of pick. And Tom Hiddelston is just as sexy as William Conrad in it! Anyways, the lightning round is a blood bath, which means I absolutely loved it.

Match Info

S10.E06: Pipe Dream Division 2nd Eliminations
January 15, 2024