Look here, film snobs. Perhaps you’ve already looked ahead to round two and seen that the topic is pop culture depictions of the afterlife. I’m gonna disappoint you right now and tell you that we do not get to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s 1999 masterpiece After Life. That’s just a thing you’ll have to contend with as you trudge through the lowbrow muck we’ve provided you. But it makes for a great game nonetheless! Adam, Chloe, and Paul have a great time talking piracy, jamming out to songs sung by characters in cars, and (you guessed it) exploring pop culture depictions of what happens after we die. Despite all that, this episode is not morbid at all, and hews to the light tone you’ve come to expect of this show by this point.

Match Info

S10.E09: Pipe Dream Division 3rd Eliminations
March 4, 2024