With the first season of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show complete, we celebrate with our first of many theme matches to come — Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Join us as Ben, Darren and Tim test their knowledge of all things Marvel including a Marvel Cinematic Universe invasion of the rest of pop culture and a trip through some of Marvel’s weirdest storylines. We’ve got werewolves and time travel shenanigans aplenty for you to enjoy!

Quizzes Played


Which Marvel figure would be the best at planning a surprise birthday party?

The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History

Marvel properties are merging with other films and TV movies. Assemble the resulting title from its parts.

Tales To Astonish

Given three comic book storylines and a Marvel character, identify the story that isn't about them. Also state what character that false story is actually about.

Lights Up, But No One's Leaving

Questions about MCU mid-credit and post-credit sequences.

Bring On The Bad Guys

Questions about portrayals of Marvel villains in TV and movies.

It's Good To Be King

Questions about characters in the MCU created by Jack "King" Kirby.

The Riddle

In the movies I was in Hong Kong,

But on the screen I didn't linger long.

Showed up on TV, recast, revised,

Now a villain in my daughter's eyes.


The character of Tina Minoru from Runaways was one of the mystic masters protecting the Hong Kong sanctum in Dr. Strange, but a different version of the character, much closer to the one in the comics, is on Hulu's Runaways series, where her daughter discovers that her mother is a mystically powered super villiain.

Episode Notes

Remember Iron Fist? No, really. Think about it. Do you actually remember it?
Since Marvel's acquisition of the Ultraverse line of comics, "Nightman" is technically a Marvel show.
What's in the pouches? Only Rob Liefeld knows for sure.
The "Ego the Loving Planet" story, in which Ego is a pick-up artist trying to get with Earth, only to be put off when he sees that she's just covered in yucky people, is wonderfully silly.
Remember: standing offer from Darren to learn math. Thanks Darren?