When you’re lucky enough to have The Fug Girls on your show, it only makes sense that you quiz your players on iconic movie fashions. So that’s exactly what we did on this week’s episode when GoFugYourself.com‘s Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan joined Ralph Breaks the Internet co-writer Pamela Ribon. After the fashion show, they’ll pick out their favorite stars from teen movies from the last 30 years, and parse them out from what characters played by those actors have been up to in the intervening years.

Quizzes Played

What's New To You Pussycat?

Who would make the best cat burglar?

Going in Style

Identify the movie from descriptions of iconic outfits.

The Graduate

An actor is referenced from their portrayal of a high school student in '89, '99 or '09 and another later role as if that's the same character later in life. Name the movies and common actor.

Pam's Boyfriends

Alternating questions about bears in pop culture and Johnny Depp.

The Intern

Questions about Fug Girls Intern George Clooney.

Heart and Sole

Questions about pop culture shoes.

The Riddle

THIS is the day for the bride and groom,

But bullets fly around the room.

Some will die, it's all quite sad

A moment of silence for many a shoulder pad.


Moldavian Massacre on Dynasty. The fifth season cliffhanger finale of the shoulder pad-heavy soap is known as the Moldavian Massacre where a royal wedding turns into a bloodbath during a military coup. Turned out no one important died though.

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