Something’s making all of us happy this week: it’s guest players Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, and Aisha Harris from NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour! These three cohorts begin their face-off with our take on a PCHH favorite: The Regrettable Television [pops cheek] Pop Quiz โ€” all about the worst and weirdest tv premieres of 2020. Then, it’s the return deciphering groan-worthy wordplay via movie-food mashups in Apocalypse Chow Redux, with an all new set of culinary clues based on movies. It all wraps up with a set of Lightning Rounds that are truly tailor-made for today’s contestants.

Quizzes Played

Bee My Valentine

Who would favor you with the softest kiss?

Regrettable Television Pop Quiz

Which regrettable television storyline is the fake one?

Apocalypse Chow Redux

Give the wordplay title from the description of a food-movie mashup.

Going Johnny Bananas

Questions about MTV reality shows.

World's Finest

Questions about TV and movie versions of Batman and Superman.

Comfort Food For Your Weary Soul

Questions about things mentioned in the PCHH episode "Comfort Food For Your Weary Soul" from April 8th, 2011.

The Riddle

I hung out with Sam, when I was young,

And despite expectations, I don't have a long tongue.

I'm often seeing sipping tea, instead of soda,

And have been spotted with my relative, Yoda.


Kermit the Frog first appeared on the 50s TV show, Sam and Friends, and he doesn't have a long tongue at all (it's mostly just attached to the inside of his mouth). The meme of Kermit sipping tea is spread around quite often, and Yoda, another Henson puppet, could well be regarded as his relative. There are behind the scenes photographs of Kermit, Ms Piggy and Yoda together on the set of The Empire Strikes Back.

Match Results