The season 2 playoffs have arrived! Hot off their previous victories, Alan Sepinwall, Jeff Cannata, and Heather Cocks return for the Joy Luck Division Finals! After a sweet game of “My Champion,” our players will name movies and tv shows based on their gross health and safety violations. OSHA is always watching! Then, you’ll find yourself exclaiming “jinkies!” as we pivot to the realm of celebrity cameos and guest stars from the world of Scooby Doo. Then, a tense Lightning Round caps off the game. Make sure to join us next week for the returns of Grierson & Leitch’s Tim Grierson, Chris Sims from War Rocket Ajax, and Pop Culture Happy Hour’s Linda Holmes!

Quizzes Played

Robbing From The Working Class

Who would be the best at getting some delicious honey from a beehive?

OSHA The Watcher

Identify the TV show or movie from descriptions of workplace safety violations.

A G-G-G-G-Guh Guest!

Identify the celebrity who guested on Scooby-Doo from an audio clip.

Defeating Hydra

Questions about the mythical hero Hercules in pop culture.

The Birth of Brangelina

Questions about the pop culture happenings of 2005.

The Bunhead

Questions about actor Carrie Frances Fisher

The Riddle

I'm not a boy, though I have a cowboy voice,

funded by Studebaker, though that wasn't my choice.

I don't eat peanut butter - the truth was classified knowledge

My show ended when I went to college


Mr. Ed was voiced by cowboy actor Allan Lane, and he's not a boy - he's a horse. The show was initially produced by the Studebaker company, which provided all of the vehicles. The urban legend is that he moved his mouth because peanut butter was put on his lips, but that wasn't the case, though they didn't reveal how they got him to "talk" until long after the show ended. In the last episode aired, Mr. Ed did, indeed, go to college (but dropped out before the episode ended).

Match Results

Episode Notes

Dan Cassino, don't forget you get 10% off your next surgery by Dr. Heather Cocks.
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Scooby-Doo has shown up on at least two different non-Scooby shows: on Supernatural in 2018, and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law in 2002.
While Lou Costello died in 1959, William Alexander "Bud" Abbott was alive when The New Scooby Doo Mysteries was airing, despite our players seemingly wanting them dead. Among the memorials to them is a residence hall at Montclair State University in New Jersey.