The divisional finals continue as Paul, Chris and Larra fight it out for Ubu bragging rights. Round one will make you hungry as we visited pop culture-ified chain restaurants and round two will feed that juicy chess club brain of yours with etymological clues to movies, TV, actors and more. Plus we got the lightning round, The Threequalizer and we even find time to slam evil like all good phantoms.

Quizzes Played

Two Thumbs Up

Which champion would make the best foil for the late Roger Ebert on a combative movie review show?

The Ate American Pop Culture Quiz Show

What pop culture-chain restaurant mash up are we eating at?

Choice Words

Name the piece of pop culture from etymological clues.

Mister-y Men

Questions about pop culture misters.


Questions about organized crime in movies.

Steven Yueniverse

Questions about actor Steven Yuen

The Riddle

What do you expect to see

When they trade Joe Don Baker for the WWE?

He hits the bad guys with a board,

Their crimes won’t be ignored!

This isn’t normal even for Tennessee.


The original Walking Tall, a loose fictionalization of the story of Buford Pusser in McNair County, Tennessee, starred the not terribly athletic action movie star Joe Don Baker. For the 2004 remake, he was replaced with Dwayne Johnson, still operating under his WWE nom du guerre of "The Rock." Both versions have the Sheriff mete out justice with a 2 x 4. Suffice to say, that's not the way law enforcement normally operates, even in Tennessee.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Kitbull scorebreak. Kitbull: Oh, it's just like those old Looney Tunes cartoons, right? Right? Right? (3/10 I don't need to get reminded of that)
The Hostess Fruit Pies scorebreak: Hostess Fruit Pies: MMM - Golden Sponge Cake! Creamed Filling! Capable of defeating any comic book bad guy in a single page! (8.5/10 Hits Dan where he lives. Well done.)