The season six playoffs have arrived, where our three returning victors battle it out for a spot in the finals! Some quick musical deciphering of TV themes heats things up in round one, before a second round about characters who are both literally and figuratively blue. But will it be Colin, Sean, or Adam who can pull off the strongest lightning round and advance to the championship match?

Quizzes Played

Totally Full of Shiitake Mushrooms

Who is best going to prepare, present, and serve a plate of shiitake mushrooms?

Skip Intro

Identify the TV theme from only the first and last second of it.

I'm Blue

Which literal blue character is feeling figuratively blue?

Mark Your Calendar

Pop culture questions with answers that have a month from the Gregorian calendar in them.

Room on the Door

Questions about Dame Kate Winslet.

Made By Teamworks

Questions about the works of Dreamworks Animation.

The Riddle

Two seasons on Fox was all you could see

Of this horror-filled tale, injected with Glee

With colorful killers, this college went bad

And we'll always remember that golfer named Chad.


Scream Queens was a horror comedy series that ran for two seasons on Fox from 2015-2017. It was often described as "American Horror Story meets Glee", as Scream Queens was also created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. The killers in each season were the "Red Devil" and the "Green Meanie," set at a college in season one and a med school/teaching hospital in season two. A fan favorite character was Chad Radwell, a golf-playing frat boy doofus played by Glen Powell. RIP Chad Radwell.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Deadwood Score Break! Deadwood! What if The Wire and also The Sopranos and Tombstone but make it Shakespeare? Welcome to bleep sound effect Deadwood! [7/10 Nice thought, and I like the "what if.. but" construction]
The "Adults from Charlie Brown" Scorebreak. The Adults from Charlie Brown: (Wah wah noises for 10 seconds or so) [6/10 Saw it coming, but a muted trombone is always appreciated]
Adam thinks folks should revisit things they like to see what they're going to like in the future.
Colin thinks you should get a dog