Season seven begins! A whole new bracket of 27 combatants kicks off in the Chronic Town Division with Sarah, Conrado, and Matthew. They’ll gut some fish (so to speak) before quizzing on iconic intro text and narration from movies and TV (appropriate to introduce a new season). Then, they’ll sharpen their musical ears in round two by identifying 80s songs from short snippets of their instrumental interludes. And of course, there’s a lightning round.

Quizzes Played

Three Golden Globe Nominations

Which Champion is going to to the best job cleaning and gutting an Alaska salmon?

Setting The Stage

Name the property from its opening text or opening narration.

Connective Tissue

Identify the 80s pop hit from short snippets of their instrumental sections.

The Female Tracy Jordan

Questions about actor Octavia Spencer.

Laugh It Off

Questions about Comedy Central original series.

Fruit Basket

Pop culture questions with answers which contain the name of a fruit.

The Riddle

A veteran detective, plus one fresh off of his training

Investigating murders in a place always raining.

These crimes seem like they may have been concocted by a cleric.

And once we learn the killer's name, it's really quite generic.


In David Fincher's Se7en, detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) has been working for a long time, whereas Mills (Brad Pitt) is much earlier in his career. When the characters are in the city, it's raining in nearly every scene of the movie. The murders they are investigated by the Biblical seven deadly sins, and the killer is only ever referred to as "John Doe."

Match Results

Episode Notes

Dan usually does these and as you can tell when listening to the podcast, Dan was absolutely in attendance so it is weird that he didn't do any show notes. A personal failing, no doubt.
Matthew wants you all to know he's from New Zealand and kiwi is the bird and kiwi fruit is the fruit. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE MATT.