This episode comes to you from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…it’s a Star Wars trivia special! We have three enthusiasts in the studio to try their hand at their knowledge of the settings and sounds of the Star Wars universe, plus all sorts of other tidbits, nooks, and crannies to quiz on. We’ll be back next week for season seven!

Quizzes Played

Forced Explanation

Which champion would best explain The Force to Broom Boy?

The Zillow Beast

Identify the moon or planet from Star Wars real estate listings.

Darth Foley

Name three thematically-connected things from the Star Wars universe from sound effect snippets.

Restore Freedom To The Galaxy…

Questions about the original Star Wars trilogy.

They Don't Crawl

Questions about Star Wars television shows and anthology movies.

Settle The Conflict...

Questions about the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

The Riddle

We promise this is not R-rated,

Nor the product of anything bated.

It comes from Biths playing the kloo,

And the nalargon tickled light and true.


Look, it's jizz, okay? Take it up with George Lucas.

Match Results