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[This is the season that he definitely won’t forget!]

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[Chik-chikk. Chikkaaaaa.]

[That was like the final fade out in the post credits sequence in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I hope you enjoyed it]

Quizzes Played

Be Italian

Who's going to best overcome writers block?

Forget About Me

Name the song from the parenthetical portion of its full title.

Isosceles Romance

Identify the film or TV show from three characters involved in a love triangle but the characters given are characters from other productions played by the same actors.

Ad Words

Pop culture questions with answers that all start with the letters "AD."

My Kind Of Town

Questions about Chicago, Illinois in pop culture.

There Is Nothing Like A Denouement

Questions about on screen whodunnits and other mysteries.

The Riddle

A cinematic sequel takes the tale across the sea.

Our heroine must figure out just who her man will be.

A plot to steal the crown might make the story less benign.

Both a leg for riding horses plus a lord are made of 'Pine'


The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, unlike the first one, takes place mostly in the fiction European country of Genovia. Per Genovian law, a princess must be married to assume the crown, so Mia must choose a husband. There's a backround story about a member of parliament trying to steal the crown, but it ultimately doesn't matter TOO much. Mia uses fake wooden leg to simulate the appearance of riding side-saddle, and her love interest Nicholas is played by Chris Pine.

Episode Notes

The Focus Master scorebreak: The Focus Master, the office chair that makes people work better by being very uncomfortable and eventually driving the worker mad. I thought these were supposed to be fictional – that’s the chairs we used to have in my department. [6/10: the banality of evil]
The probably not Macaroni and Cheese scorebreak: Probably not Macaroni and Cheese never gets hot AND causes blindness. Still better than Kraft dinner. [5/10 shots fired on Canada]