As a result of this episode, we are now calling our Scorekeeper “Renaissance Dan.” Why? Cause he loves Leonardo Da Vinci, and included all sorts of pop culture representations of the previously most popular “Leonardo D.” But how well with our contestants Matt, Maxwell, and J-Mo fare? Almost as well as the bananas round two in which they’re tasked with identifying each half of a comic book crossover between a superhero and a real life person. Will Da Vinci pop up again? Who knows?!? Well, we know. We wrote the questions. But you can know by listening to all that, plus our customary lightning round. Enjoy!

Quizzes Played

Well, That's What's Carved In The Rock!

Who's most likely to find The Holy Grail?

You Can't Keep A Good Renaissance Man Down

Name the pop culture property featuring an appearance by Leonardo da Vinci.

Real People In Four Colors

Identify the real world figure featured in popular comic book titles.

Ifs Andor Buts

Questions about the life and career of Diego Luna.

What A Tool

Pop culture questions with answers that include the name of something you might find in a toolbox.

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Questions about fictional movies from Seinfeld.

The Riddle

Who is the harmonic mean between the knight in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade who babysits The Holy Grail and Tim The Enchanter who assists the Knights Of The Round Table in Monty Python And The Holy Grail?


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Episode Notes

Grandma Betsy’s Biscuit Powder scorebreak - Grandma Betsy’s Biscuit Powder. You know, most of Mr. Show has aged pretty well. [1/10 wooof]
Techcorp systems scorebreak. Techcorp systems – OK, I don’t know how to pronounce typewriter symbols. Sorry. [5/10 Yeah, amusing, but this is a family program]