As competition in the Gizmonic Institute division ramps up, Ben, Mike and Matthew first have to journey to the Overlook hotel to see where other pop culture properties have appropriated elements of The Shining, then try to wrap their brains around what passes for children’s lit in another round all about Little Golden Books. But as it so often does, it really all comes down to the lightning round.

Quizzes Played

First Person, No Shooter

Which champion spent the most time on the hit 1993 video game Myst?

Shining Examples

What pop culture property is riffing or ripping off The Shining?

Little. Yellow. Different.

Name the movie or TV show from selections of its Little Golden Book adaptation.

Vocally Dokily!

Questions about celebrities who have voiced themselves on The Simpsons.

Scary Big Profitability

Questions of horror movies of the 2020s.

It's Just A Show, You Should Really Just Relax

Questions about movies featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The Riddle

Who is the harmonic mean between Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond franchise, and Tobias Onyango FΓΌnke, from Arrested Development?


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Match Results

Episode Notes

The BGC-19 drum machine scorebreak. The BGC-19 drum machine: for when you have to fight the alien queen but want to lay down some beats while you’re at it. [6/10 I’ll buy the action figure, but marked down for Rocketship X-M]
The Johnny Long Torso - The Man Who Comes In Pieces scorebreak. Johnny Longtorso - The Man Who Comes In Pieces: He's long! [5/10 I probably made my parents buy this for me as a child]