We’re back in the Veridian Dynamics Division as newcomers Adam and Siobhan take on seasoned vet Larra! I mean…Adam and Siobhan are also taking on each other, I suppose. It’s still a 1v1v1 competition. They’re not teaming up AGAINST Larra, unless they did so under the radar and none of us noticed their devious plot. Regardless of whatever intentions or secret alliances there may be or not be (alliances that have been purely conjectured by the author of this copy, based on the dicey syntax of the first sentence that could have just been edited, but instead spun off into whatever this paragraph has become), our three players drop knowledge of film scores, pop music, and the place where their titles meet. Then things really heat up in round two when we talk about the non-royal performances of actors who’ve played kings and queens of England.

Quizzes Played

There is Nothing Like a Dame

Who is going to best choreograph and rehearse a musical number starring a group of sailors?

A New Kind of Movie Musical

Identify the before-and-after title from a soundtrack snippet of a movie and a popular song.

The Royal Them

Name the actor playing a royal.

One Genre to Rule Them All

Questions about fantasy genre movies of the 2000s.

No Man

Questions about movies and TV with "Island" or "Isle" in the title.

Neither Bennet Nor Blair Awards

Questions about Tony Award Winners for Best Musical since 2000.

The Riddle

When it comes to ancient legends, he is quite the aficionado

He'll search for Shangri-la, Iram, and even El Dorado

An outing on the big screen was successful, on the whole

But treasure hunting's better when the player's in control.


From the Uncharted series, treasure hunter Nathan Drake is an expert in ancient myths, lore, and languages, which help him to progress through his adventures. The major quests of the first three games set Drake on paths to El Dorado, Shangri-la (Shambala) and Iram of the Pillars. While there was a 2022 movie version of "Uncharted" that managed to make over $400 million worldwide, the video games are the much more respected and enjoyable version of Nathan Drake.

Match Results