As Bono Vox said in the 1988 film classic “Rattle and Hum,” “I don’t mean to bug ya.” Well guess what, we’re BUGGING you today as we kick off the Globo-Chem Division. Returning players Kari, Joel, and Susannah will have to contend with the return of Marge Excitable as she raves about pop culture properties whose titles employ the names of insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlies. But she won’t make you groan as much as our recently fired intern Robert, who has completely bungled our audio archives. So our players will hep us to sort through the detritus of the misfiled clips (and we’ll give them some points for doing so).

Also, I guess a lightning round happened!

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Match Info

S09.E03: GloboChem Division 1st Eliminations
June 12, 2023