As Bono Vox said in the 1988 film classic “Rattle and Hum,” “I don’t mean to bug ya.” Well guess what, we’re BUGGING you today as we kick off the Globo-Chem Division. Returning players Kari, Joel, and Susannah will have to contend with the return of Marge Excitable as she raves about pop culture properties whose titles employ the names of insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlies. But she won’t make you groan as much as our recently fired intern Robert, who has completely bungled our audio archives. So our players will hep us to sort through the detritus of the misfiled clips (and we’ll give them some points for doing so).

Also, I guess a lightning round happened!

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Quizzes Played

We Own Everything So You Don't Have To

Which champion could best kill a corporate CEO by yelling and berating them?

Marge Excitable's Entomological Specimens

Identify the pop culture property with a bug in the title from one of Marge's pun-filled reviews.

From The Mixed Up Files Of Robert, Our Former Intern

Name the pop culture property that that's been misfiled under another item that shares its title.

Dyslexic Zombie Food

Questions about performers and characters named Brian.

Love, Recently

Questions about romantic comedies released between 2010 and 2019.

Time To Vogue

Questions about pop culture happenings of 1990.

The Riddle

There once was a film set in a rink

Where a fire marshal was pushed to the brink

He fought off bad guys

One in a mascot’s disguise

And made a clutch save, without time to think.


The 1995 Jean Claude Van Damme action movie Sudden Death, has an off-duty fire marshal at a playoff hockey game thwarting a terrorist plot. Among the terrorists is one wearing the costume of the Penguin's mascot, Iceburgh. Along the way, he even suits up as the Penguin's goalie, and makes a critical save to push the game into extra time.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The bags bags bags bags hutch scorebreak. The bags bags bags bags hutch is specially made for bags and holds up to 12 bags. [8/10 Would buy]
The ding dong king kong sing song burger scorebreak. The ding dong king kong sing song burger put it in your face you – oh, we’re going to have to bleep that. [3/10 That burger has mayo on it, so no thank you]