Say word! D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dilbert! Doink de doink! Sorry, dad! Dinky nuts! Squirrel jam! Hats! Balancing my checkbook! Zerbert in the sherbert! Twerk! One-hundred gift baskets! You’re now rocking with the Tesla boys! Baby Banjamin Franklin! Watch me veg! D.J. Tanner! Swanky pups! M-m-m-m-moped music! Costco samples like a m**********r! Uh! Crank up the mids! Patrick Stewart money! All these catchphrases are better, musically, than the comically awful musical dreck we forced Joel, Dan, and Steve to wade through in round one, inspired by non other than Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry. But our players pull themselves out of the Rock Bottom Remainder of round one into a second round all about pop culture-inspired theme park attractions (aka ‘who’s been to Carowinds in Charlotte?’). All this and more*!

Match Info

S09.E08: Gizmonic Institute Division 3rd Eliminations
August 7, 2023