Will Cory and Courtney make JK lol? We’ll find out as we piece together mashed up acronyms from pop culture. Mashcronyms, I believe they’re called. Yup, that’s a real term that is in the dictionary. The OED probably, they’re fancy! Jury’s still out on Webster, but we KNOW those goons at American Heritage are too big of cowards to put a word like ‘mashcronym’ in their venerated publication. It’s so like them to just ignore the future of language like that, and they should frankly be appalled not only at their behavior, but at the fact that their reputation has made said behavior so predictable. Anyhoo, we got this acronym game! We got a game about video games. A video game game, if you will. Haha, we said game twice in a row. Hey, that gets us thinking, would the dead birds in ‘Duck Hunt’ be called ‘video game game?’ Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Quizzes Played

Oops, Religion

Who's going to accidentially start the most successful religion?

Agreeably Concise Representations Of Names Yield Many Sighs

What's the full before-and-after acronym title when two acronym pop culture properties are smushed together?

Ready Player One

Identity the pop culture property from descriptions of its video game adaptation.

B4 The CW 4 Kids

Questions about shows aired on the Kids' WB programming block between 1995 and 2006.

Spaced Out

Questions about sci-fi TV and movies featuring space travel.

Post Script

Questions about reality shows made by streaming services.

The Riddle

What is the harmonic mean between a C.H.U.D. and Pac-man?


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