When Productionmaster Dave announced were gonna have a round of layoffs this season, I was a little hurt. As I gathered my composure to brace myself for the worst possible implications of such an announcement, I realized that he had actually said we were going to have a round of PLAYOFFS this season, and I felt like a fool for ever thinking otherwise. Thus, we were pleased to welcome back the uneliminated Larra, Ben and Elenore for a game about Beatles music in movies, and then made up our own rules for a round about fictional games and sports. All this and more (a normal, but nonetheless exciting, lightning round).

Quizzes Played

Start a Love Train

Who is going to best commit tax fraud by laundering money through a New York City discotheque?

Fab Fourmulas

Name the movie using a Beatles song in it.

Hate The Player

Identify the pop culture property for a description of the fictional sport within it.

Millennials After School

Questions about live action series on Disney Channel

The Benefit Of The Doubt

Questions about other Oscar-nominated roles of the Oscar-nominated cast of Doubt.

Good Evening

Questions about shows featured on the anthology series Masterpiece and its successors.

The Riddle

Who is the harmonic mean between Caesar the ape played by Andy Serkis in three Planet of the Apes movies and Julius Caesar, specifically the version from William Shakespeare’s play of the same name.


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