After a couple of years of doing rounds about recent movies when ‘recent movies’ weren’t really a thing, we finally have a recent movies round where our players were more than up to the challenge! Kari, J-Mo, and JK (a veritable Venn diagram of middle-of-the-alphabet letters) tackle a classic before-and-after challenge of recent movies before being asked to recall critically panned comedies. ‘Cause we’re nice. And as per uzhe, it all comes down to the Lightning Round. This episode description brought to you by Taylor, while he was watching the opening car scene of The Client (1994). Take from that what you will.

Quizzes Played

Plugged In And Ready To Whoa

Who is going to have the best track record when inserting USB-A plugs into their sockets in the correct orientation on the first attempt?

I Am The Very Model of a Modern Movie Mashing Up

Identify the before-and-after title from a blended description of two movies, one of which was released in 2022 or 2023.

Rave Reviews

Name the critically panned comedy from snippets of their reviews.

Fill In The Blank

Pop culture questions about properties, characters and performers with "blank" in the name.

Awakens To Rise

Questions about the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

You Can't Handle the Tooth

Questions about actor Tom Cruise.

The Riddle

Who is the harmonic mean between Pac-Man and Galactus?


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