I’m always forgetting to write the episode descriptions until it’s time to publish, so I’m gonna try an experiment where I write it a few hours in advance of even recording this episode.

Woah! What a crazy twist this season finale takes at the end. I never saw THAT ONE SPECIFIC THING coming, and I bet you won’t either as Larra, Kari, and Ben compete for the crown! An asthmatic game of my champion filled with some of the greatest arguments we’ve ever heard left our players huffing and puffing all the way into the red room for round one. A game of “name that Twin Peaks reference” where our players actually learned to speak their answers backwards [fact check this later] flows right into a round two game where we all tore our ears off listening to the tired cliché of somber covers and remixes that seem to adorn every movie trailer nowadays. And I can almost certainly promise you: there will be both right and wrong answers present in this round. That’s the Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show likely guarantee!

And then, of course, it all comes down to a lightning so full of crazy surprises, I can’t even begin to describe them here!

Match Info

S09.E13: Championship Match
September 18, 2023