We’re taking a break before the season seven playoffs for some very nerdy trivia with some special guests from the iFanboy podcast network! We were lucky enough to be joined by Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and their recurring guest and science-expert Dr. Ryan Haupt for a match tailored just for them! After a trip to Amity for a game of My Champion, we’ll quiz about the history of the use of the famous ‘morphing’ effect across the history of movies and TV. In round two, we’ll go DEEP into comic book lore with a round about early versions of superheroes we know from movies and TV. All this, plus an epic lightning round!

Quizzes Played

Dead Eyes, Like A Doll's Eyes

Which champion would be the best replacement for Quint on the Orca?

It's Morphin' Time!

Identify the movie or TV from a description of a morphing effect within it.

Origin Stories

Name the comic book character from an audio clip of an older appearance from TV or film.

Knowing Is Half The Battle

Questions about G.I. Joe in all its incarnations.

Sweaty Science

Questions about movies and TV about scientists in the jungle.

How To Get Uptown

Pop culture questions with answers that contain the name of a Manhattan avenue.

The Riddle

Fate is set by a loom,

A pathway out of workaday gloom.

From a story by Miller,

He’ll be trained as a killer,

With a mentor straight out of a tomb.


In the 2008 movie version of Wanted, a secret group of assassins kills people according to the dictates of a loom of fate. Joining this group is a way out of a dull, colorless life as an accounts manager for the main character, Wesley Gibson. The movie was loosely adapted from a comic book written by Mark Millar. Wesley is trained as an assassin largely by the mysterious Fox, played by Angelina Jolie, who played Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, in two earlier movies.

Match Results

Episode Notes

The Helicopters following me around scorebreak: The Helicopters following me around: you can all see those, right? Right? [8/10. Goodfellas is a classic.]