Eww! You smell that? It must be this week’s new episode. Sure, Bailey, Keegan, and Dave (not THAT Dave) may start out thinking that it’s a normal episode with a piece of silly wordplay surrounding an iconic title. But slowly, a creeping odor drifts in from the distance. It’s not pleasant. It’s downright vile. It’s deadly, but it’s anything by silent. Brace yourselves, listeners. Brace yourselves. Also, we guess there’s a lightning round that’s slightly more normal.

Quizzes Played

Logic And Emotion

Which champion would give the best eulogy at Spock's funeral over the Genesis planet?

The Sixteen Names Of God

Figure out who (or what!) is replacing God in Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Who Dealt It?

Identify the movie or TV show from an audio clip featuring farts. 🧐

Let's Tell Them What They've Won!

Questions about hosts of American game shows.

This Is The End

Pop culture question in which all answers start with a synonym for the part of your body you sit on.

Stop Or His Mom Will Shoot

Questions about actor Sylvester Stallone.

The Riddle

A girl is over her head in LA,

Gets help from her surfer RA.

Now stuck in the Dakotas with this dude,

They have to deal with farm folk who are terribly rude.


The 1993 Pauly Shore vehicle Son in Law has Carla Gugino playing a girl from North Dakota unhappy with her college life in Los Angeles. Her RA, played by Shore, helps her adapt, but now she's worried about going back to her family farm over Thanksgiving. As he doesn't have anywhere else to go, Shore goes home with her, claiming to be her fiance, leading to resistance and disbelief from her family.

Episode Notes

The Silky Nutmeg Ganache scorebreak. Munch munch. Crunch crunch. The Lipsync Assassin is here to eat the lunch! [3/10: I have no idea what I just said.]
The Good King Wenceslas Scorebreak. Good King Wenceslas: LOOK OUT! [5/10: My least favorite Christmas carol]