Where does literature rub up against the rest of pop culture? This episode, of course! Liz is back for the third episode in a row alongside returning player Amy Brundle and newcomer Kendal for a bookish extravaganza! We’ll talk frequently adapted authors in round one before a mashup round two game that somehow both confirms our biases and stretch our horizons. But in which direction? Find out, plus experience the customary round of lightning on this week’s episode!

Quizzes Played


Who would make the best copy editor?

For The Books

Name the odd author out from a list of three book-to-screen adaptations.

Book For and After

Give the before and after title of a pop culture-meets-literature mash up.

Brown, Margaret Wise through Willems, Mo

Questions about adaptations of childrens literature.

Albertalli, Becky through Yoon, Nicola

Questions about young adult novels that have been adapted into TV or movies.

Archer, Jeffrey through Stockett, Kathryn

Questions about #1 fiction bestsellers since 2010 that have been adapted into movies or TV.

The Riddle

My Key house characters meet grisly ends,
I avoid the fame that my birth name lends.
My first book has a ghost attached to a suit,
But the movie of my second book didn't bring in much loot.


Joe Hill's works include Locke and Key, in which things generally go poorly for the residents of the fictional Key House. His nom de plume means that he doesn't immediately recieve the benefit of being Stephen King's son. His first published novel, Heart Shaped Box, deals with a haunted funeral suit. His second book, Horns was turned into a Daniel Radcliffe movie, but was not terribly successful, grossing less than $5 million at the box office.

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The You Don't Know Jack Facebook Game Scorebreak. The You Don't Know Jack Facebook Game Scorebreak is sponsored by Whiney Wine, the wine made for kids! [6/10 I used to love You Don’t Know Jack but have only a vague idea what a “Facebook Game” is? Is it in the Metaverse? Do you have feet now?]
The Jeff Schwartz Scorebreak. Jeff Schwartz, the contestant whose appearance on this show is what prompted me to listen. [7.5/10 I hope he hears this. Thanks, Jeff!]